The preparation of personal taxes may seem as a simple task to do by yourself. However, we often deal with clients in trouble for wrong data entry; that is why we will not only guide you but also help you make sure that your tax credits and filing documents follow the rules and procedures by Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). Personal taxes services include:

Business Taxes

Whether it is a Sole Proprietorship, a Partnership or a Corporation, we are ready to help you do all your filing for you. We understand that each business is unique and requires different attention, that is why, we will discuss with you your business situation and help you find the appropriate tax plan for your business.

Corporate Taxes

We will organize your corporate tax and help you to not miss any datelines for your filing and make sure that all your corporate tax returns and fiscal end years are always done on time; avoiding considerable amount of penalties for the filing of your documents to Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). business_center


We will set up your payroll, calculate salaries and wages, source deductions, preparing and filing Record of Employment (ROE) when required. We are ready to provide you with a complete and professional payroll service for your business; managing every aspect of your payroll processing. Our payroll services include:


Our team will help you keep a clear picture of your business by completing an accurate financial record, keeping track of your economic system, as income and expenditures, receivables and payables, manage your cash flows and inventories, payroll and employees’ management.

Our Services include:

The recording of the regular financial transactions is the foundation in the success of your business. These transactions include General Ledger maintenance, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Journal Entries, financial statements, and All Accounting Reconciliations.

GST/HST Services

Those services include: recommendations for applicability of GST/HST accordingly with the classification of your business, Reconciliation of GST/HST, Periodic filing of GST/HST Returns, and the prevention of the under pay or late payments of GST/HST that lead your business to unnecessary interest and penalties.

Business Registration

We will register your company’s name, determine the best business structure for your goals, customize software and financial reports, follow with the Payroll, WSIB and GST/HST registration or any enrollment required for your business to be running accordingly with the rules of the government of Canada.

Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) audits

CRA conducts regular audits to ensure that everyone files their documents with fairness and integrity. We can help you to come to an arrangement with the CRA and clear any error made in any report or file. Our services include a reconciliation and an arrangement with the CRA to clear any errors from the past, so you can focus on your business without having any preoccupations for a future audit.

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